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H2O Icon Pack
H2O Icon Pack

H2O Icon Pack is an app for Android that allows you to completely change the look of your device by adding a colorful and dynamic touch to the application icons on the home screen of your Android phone.

The icon pack consists of more than 4430 hand-made icons, and the design is inspired by the minimal style of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS, two versions of the operating system created and used by OnePlus that I particularly appreciate.

I wanted to create these icons for several reasons. The first is due to the fact that Android, unlike iOS, has no particular requirements on the style that application icons developed by third parties must have. This leads to an important inconsistency of the look & feel of Android screens, often characterized by icons of different sizes, shapes and styles.
So I thought of creating this application just to define a standard, applying a unique and coherent style to this multiplicity of styles typical of the Android operating system.

The second reason that led me to create more than 4430 icons is because I believe in sharing, and I wanted to make high-quality icons available to the Android Community, so that they were accessible and usable by everyone for free.


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H2O Icon Pack è un’applicazione che mette a disposizione dell’utente un pacchetto di icone caratterizzate da un aspetto ispirato a quelle di Hydrogen OS.




The H2O icon pack comes with beautiful, minimal yet colorful icons which give your display a fresh look. The design is inspired by Oxygen OS and the pack comes with a bunch of alternate icons for popular apps, allowing you to manually set some icons according to your preferences.




H2O icon pack is inspired from Oxygen OS for OnePlus devices. The elegant design and rounded shapes of the icons fit exceptionally well with Nova launcher Android theme. The Android icon pack has more than 4,430 icons and comes with a bunch of pretty good wallpapers that complement the beautiful colors of the theme.




H2O icon pack brings uniform icons, and this icon pack is completely free to use. These icons are not exactly square, they're curved all over the place, but each and every single one of these icons is the same size, and they're also quite flat as well. You will find over 4,060 icons in this icon pack, and these icons are inspired by OnePlus' HydrogenOS icons, in case them seem familiar to you.


Android Headlines


H2O icon pack brings a similar design to the Parallax icon with squircle shaped icon featuring muted colors. However, the icons here are flatter and more colorful. This colorful icon pack gives you an option to choose from more than 3600 icons which are inspired by the minimal icons of Hydrogen OS. Lastly, the icon pack also features lots of personalized icons from Samsung, Huawei EMUI, Motorola, and One Plus icon sets.




You can try the H2O icon pack if you like minimal style icon packs. It is inspired by the style of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS and is pretty good to try. This icon pack supports most of the custom launchers and comes with alternative app icons to fully customize your phone screen.


The Android Soul


Just like the same suggests, this app offers clean icons with water theme, because it named H2O obviously. It has 4466 icons has been made to this day, all of them are watery theme. Most are with light icons that is blue and doesn’t look intimidating. You can also request some new icons to be created, and all icons can also be used for Microsoft Launcher. This app currently has 4.6 star-rating with 4K reviews.


Monkey Manifesto

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O3 Icon Pack is a free app for Android that contains more than 4200 handmade icons, ready to be used with the most famous launchers to customize and add a colorful, dynamic and homogeneous touch to the app icons.

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Festival Icon Pack è un’app gratuita per Android che contiene più di 4000 icone fatte a mano, pronte per essere utilizzate con i launcher più famosi per personalizzare e aggiungere un tocco colorato, dinamico e omogeneo alle icone delle app.